Electric car-sharing service to roll into Singapore

Land Transport Authority chief technology officer Lam Wee Shann said the initiative would "lay the foundation" for a network of electric vehicle charging stations, and support the growth of electric car use in Singapore. Blue Solutions is the world's ... ( read original story ...)

These Are The 10 Most High Tech Cities In The World

Singapore, one of the most advanced cities in the world ... Technology developed in this city like LTE has become an essential part of our lives. Seoul files more patents than any other city in the world, and many technology startups are budding in ... ( read original story ...)

SK Telecom Wins 5G Asia Awards for Two Consecutive Years

The 5G Asia Awards 2017, which recognize excellence in the APAC 5G & LTE industry, are part of the TechXLR8 Asia award, an anchor event of TechXLR8 Asia* held from October 2 to 4 in Singapore. *TechXLR8 Asia is a festival of technology, bringing together ... ( read original story ...)