Another Singapore crypto firm in trouble

SINGAPORE: The beleaguered cryptocurrency lender Hodlnaut says it is the subject of “pending proceedings” involving Singapore police and that it has slashed its workforce. ( read original story ...)

Singapore increases electricity imports

Singapore is ramping up the purchase of electricity generated in Laos, the first step in the tiny country’s ambitions plan to import renewable energy that it has little space to produce at home. ( read original story ...)

A Filipino consultant in Singapore

Whatever one Asean country has that is not yet present and available in another Asean country, we bring it there and vice versa — the genuine Asean ... ( read original story ...)

Export growth moderates to 7.0% in July

In June, non-oil domestic exports grew by 8.5%. Non-oil domestic exports (NODX) grew at a slower pace in July, rising only by 7.0% from 8.5% in June. The slowdown of export growth was on the back of ... ( read original story ...)