Singapore Shipping quarterly profit grows

Singapore-listed car carrier owner makes more and sets its sights on acquisition opportunities. Singapore Shipping Corp (SSC) has pushed up its profit in the first quarter and is keen on acquisition opportunities. The vehicle carrier owner booked net ... ( read original story ...)

What Is The Singapore Market Really Made Up Of?

You always hear people saying, “Donno what to buy? Then just buy the market lor”. But what exactly does buying the market mean? Do you even know what you are buying? Without appreciating the underlying, things might end up like this Dilbert joke on ... ( read original story ...)

Will These Countries be the Next Singapore?

Singapore’s economy is often used as a prime example of how business-friendly policies can jumpstart a country’s growth. Most of our readers are probably familiar with Singapore’s transformation from a malarial swamp to one of the richest nations on ... ( read original story ...)

T.O.P.s of the property market: What are they?

A TOP project is one of the many types of properties buyers can consider investing in. The sheer variety of property types in Singapore can be confusing for buyers. Not only must a prospective buyer determine whether a property is public or private ... ( read original story ...)

Financing your T.O.P. purchase and eligibility matters

Research the area Location is king in Singapore. The area in which your new TOP purchase is located is at least as important as the features and amenities of the actual property, and can have a huge impact on its rentability and future resale value. ( read original story ...)