Growing demand for mobile payment services across Asia

mobile payments soared from the same base to 38.6 trillion yuan, a jump of more than 200 per cent, said Beijing-based BigData Research. China's embrace of fintech has put even Singapore to shame: 40 per cent of Chinese consumers are today using new payment ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore February Non-Oil Export Growth Exceeds Expectations

SINGAPORE--Singapore's February exports rose faster than expected, as shipments of electronics and non-electronics goods rose. Exports of goods made in Singapore rose 21.5% in February compared with a year earlier, after rising 8.6% in January, trade ... ( read original story ...)

3 Ways You Lose by Not Using a Credit Card in Singapore

Using credit cards is just one of them, especially for people in Singapore. According to the MasterCard's Mobile Payments Readiness Index, Singapore ranked as the most "mobile payments ready" country in the world with a very high penetration of credit cards. ( read original story ...)

Technology key to solving manpower crunch: Swee Say

SINGAPORE — While there are legitimate concerns in countries about technology putting workers out of jobs, such a worry would be largely unfounded in Singapore, said Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say yesterday, as he assured undergraduates who had the job ... ( read original story ...)

Taking Singapore Into Space, And Beyond

Another Star in Satellite Technology Although a newcomer to the satellite industry, the Singapore team didn’t just match the know-how of others. They also did it better and faster, taking just over five years to get the Singapore satellite up and into space. ( read original story ...)