Mortgage rates, home sales and prices seen rising in 2017

"The one good thing is that interest rates were quite low." As recently as this summer, homebuyers had ultra-low mortgage rates on their side. Good news for any borrower, but especially for those in expensive housing markets like Los Angeles, Boston and ... ( read original story ...)

Exploring Singapore’s Real Estate Market – 2017

This principal of economics is at the core of the explosion in real estate prices in Singapore during the modern era. Singapore, in many ways, is an extreme case of demand for land outpacing the supply. In a city-state of just 719 square kilometers ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore-registered ship involved in collision off Johor port

SINGAPORE: A collision between a Singapore-registered container vessel and a Gibraltar-registered container vessel off Pasir Gudang Port, Johor Malaysia on Tuesday (Jan 3) resulted in about 300 tonnes of oil spillage in the surrounding waters, the ... ( read original story ...)

More than 60% of perfect IB scores from Singapore

SINGAPORE: The 1,849 students who took the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma examinations in Singapore in November 2016 performed strongly, with 97.32 per cent passing and 57 scoring the maximum possible 45 points, according to the IB foundation ... ( read original story ...)