Love Thai food? 4 new eateries to satisfy your cravings

The group plans to open at least four Greyhand outlets here. The Singapore café boasts the biggest menu outside of Bangkok, with 80 dishes on offer. Crowd-pleasers like their Complicated Noodle and Salmon Carpaccio have made it here. Unfortunately ... ( read original story ...)

Save money on groceries with these credit cards

The Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card has really brought the fight ... For tips on credit card spending, follow us on Facebook. Singapore's most widely circulated decor magazine on interior design and home decor trends, Home & Decor is the go-to for chic ... ( read original story ...)

Game of space

Word on the street is that Citibank is also exploring coworking for some of its teams. In Singapore, RHB is taking up an entire floor at the new coworking site of The Working Capitol on Robinson Road for its fintech lab. Other banks have also created their ... ( read original story ...)

Understanding the world of big data

But when he came to Singapore and worked on projects in his corporate job ... Other clients include Emirates airlines, Citibank, Emirates National Bank of Dubai, HDFC Bank, ANZ. These companies pay a monthly fee to Crayon Data to subscribe to its data ... ( read original story ...)

Wartime Sex Slave Dispute Resurfaces to Rattle Japan-Korea Ties

Chang Jae-chul, an economist for Citibank Korea Inc. in Seoul, said that additional swaps would be good for Korea but not vital right now considering the nation’s foreign currency reserves and the fact that external balances have improved since the ... ( read original story ...)