Business trip costs to Singapore in 2017 rose to US$479 a day

Prices have risen due to higher costs of eating out in restaurants. The average cost of a business trip to Singapore has increased to US$479 or $647 per day, compared to US$472 in 2016, ECA International revealed in its Daily Rates research. It rose from ... ( read original story ...)

Vancouver, Here’s How Singapore’s ‘Flipping Tax’ Works

Christopher Cheung reports on urban issues for The Tyee. Find his previous stories here and follow him on Twitter at @bychrischeung. Singapore, one of the most economically free countries in the world, recognizes the displacing power of wealth and so is ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore scientists built a bot that builds IKEA chairs

If you find yourself shedding blood, sweat, tears and missing screws every time you try to build an IKEA furniture, here's some good news: there is now a robot that can do the hard work for you. A team of scientists at Singapore's Nanyang Technological ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore Navy’s 180 Squadron keeps maritime terror at bay

SINGAPORE - They are the foot soldiers of Singapore's efforts to keep its waters safe, boarding ships in small teams to check that they have not been seized by pirates or terrorists, for example. In their full gear, the sea marshals of the Navy's 180 ... ( read original story ...)