ST Electronics Corporate Video

Established in 1969, Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) is a leading Information Communications Technologies (ICT) System provider in the region. Our core capabilities lie in the design, development and integration of advanced ... ( read original story ...)

How tech-enabled urban farms can work for Singapore

Arguably, the investment, technology and operating costs show promise. But what about the consumer market? Also, with Singapore's land constraints, how would an urban farm here commercialise and scale up? Consumer data collected by researchers at Murdoch ... ( read original story ...)

Three-quarter tank rule could soon include diesel vehicles

... powered vehicles registered in Singapore could soon be subjected to the three-quarter tank rule as well when going into Malaysia, as part of a slew of proposed changes to the Customs Act. The Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Singapore Customs are seeking ... ( read original story ...)

Commentary: Singapore's impending urban mobility revolution

Leveraging Global Navigation Satellite System technology in our upcoming next-generation ERP system, which will give us aggregated, real-time and comprehensive data on all road traffic in Singapore, we are re-developing our traffic lights management system ... ( read original story ...)