Mortgage is Critical to Housing Policy, Says Alufohai

Alufohai proposed a modeling of Nigeria’s mortgage system after that of Singapore where its citizens obtain 20 to 30-year low interest mortgages to acquire houses through a pool of funds into which all workers must contribute 20% of their salary. ( read original story ...)

From policeman to property developer

At the recent PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards held on 7 November, Oxley Holdings’ executive chairman and CEO Ching Chiat Kwong was honoured as the Singapore Real Estate Personality of the Year by the editors of Property Report magazine. It’s a huge ... ( read original story ...)

Property trends in 2018

According to Cushman & Wakefield Singapore’s research head Christine Li ... that home prices across the city-state are indeed recovering, the PropertyGuru Property Index shows that asking prices of over 200,000 homes listed on the website have ... ( read original story ...)

‘Mortgage critical to realistic housing policy’

“The most efficient focus of housing policy is for the government to assist millions of Nigerians obtain lower-interest mortgages; this is how most citizens are helped to acquire houses in many countries with successful housing policy such as ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore’s Big Week In Blockchain Progress

According to reports in the Business Times, Singapore’s central bank participated in a three-hour-long meeting late last week with Hong Kong to discuss the initiative, which has a lot of concerns to consider before the rollout. Reports said officials are ... ( read original story ...)

Has the Singapore property market turned the corner?

According to the latest real estate forecast report published by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and PwC, we’re seeing the end of the dark night of the soul for the local property scene as Singapore leapfrogs its way from near the bottom of the table to ... ( read original story ...)