Why high-flying Singapore is scrapping grades

You can join the debate at the BBC's Family & Education News Facebook page. The next update of the education system will have to ensure that Singapore can create a more equitable society, build a stronger social compact among its people while at the same ... ( read original story ...)

Judge to Rule on Singapore Teen's Asylum Case This Month

CHICAGO — A Chicago immigration judge will decide this month whether a Singapore teenager arrested for online posts mocking his government will be granted asylum in the U.S. Amos Yee testified at a hearing lasting most of Tuesday. Kenneth Jeyaretnam ... ( read original story ...)

Four new libraries to open in Singapore this year

SINGAPORE: Four new libraries will be opened this year in Sengkang ... including books, magazines, and news reports online. However, those who read books more than once a week made up only 19 per cent, and “most” did not find reading as stimulating ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore to better support media professionals, freelancers

SINGAPORE: A skills framework for media professionals along with better support for media freelancers are some of the measures in the pipeline at the Ministry of Communications and Information, said Minister of State Chee Hong Tat in Parliament on Mon (Mar ... ( read original story ...)

Relive Singapore's yesteryear through iconic Chinese ink art

SINGAPORE: The year 1952 is widely regarded as the pivotal moment in which the so-called Nanyang Style of art came into its own. That year, four artists from Singapore travelled to Bali and consequently created paintings that would define a regional style ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore working to boost its 'unmanned' sector

SINGAPORE -- Singapore is a land of skyscrapers. High-rise public apartments across the city-state accommodate 80% of its people. Between the buildings, residents still have oases, often on street corners -- such as a marketplace with a grocery and other ... ( read original story ...)