Singapore Morning News For February 23

Singapore will begin levying a carbon tax starting in 2019 in an effort to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and help make companies there more competitive. Punishments for sexual offences and new penalties for sexual crimes targetting women ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore to make jumping bail a crime

Singapore will criminalise skipping bail following the attempted escape of a man convicted in a high-profile fraud case at a megachurch, a senior government official said Thursday. In a case that gripped the city-state with a heady mix of religion, showbiz ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore Morning News For February 22

Digital transformation is expected to add $10 billion (S$13.2 billion) to Singapore’s GDP by the year 2021, Microsoft said on Wednesday (Feb 21). An additional S$145 million is being set aside for Tech Skills Accelerator. The Government is also planning ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore’s New Chewing Gum Is an iQoS

Back in 1992, Singapore feared that its gleaming new subway would be wrecked by people using something sticky to disable automatic train doors — so it banned chewing gum. Twenty-six years later, the prohibition on the import, manufacture and sale of gum ... ( read original story ...)