India revises tax treaty with Singapore

NEW DELHI: India’s revised tax treaty with Singapore, aimed at checking round-tripping of funds, has come into force. While most clauses of the amended treaty signed on December 30 took effect from February 27, the principal clause allowing levy of ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore dollar on sets another record against Malaysian Ringgit

SINGAPORE: The Singapore dollar crossed another milestone against the Malaysian Ringgit, hitting a record high of S$1 to RM3.1728 around 1.50pm on Tuesday (Feb 28). This comes just four days after the Singdollar surpassed the RM3.16 mark. The exchange rate ... ( read original story ...)

Is business travel in Singapore getting more expensive?

A business trip costs an average of US$472 per day. Singapore has climbed up a notch from its previous rank to become the fourth most expensive location in the Asia Pacific for business travel, according to the latest Daily Rates research published by ECA ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore, China signs 15 MoUs to strengthen ties

SINGAPORE: Singapore deepened and broadened ties with China with the signing of four agreements and another 15 memorandums of understanding (MOUs). As per details, the four agreements are on the formation of a Sino-Singapore joint expert panel with the aim ... ( read original story ...)

Singapore manufacturing may show the way for future economy

Take a look at the underdog manufacturing sector and you may see what Singapore's economic restructuring can turn out to be, observers told The Business Times. Long deemed as being in decline, the sector's surprise output surge at end-2016 has suddenly ... ( read original story ...)

NUS Business School's leaner, meaner curriculum

Freshmen at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School this year will get first-hand experience in exercising flexibility, a core value of entrepreneurship. The business school promises undergraduates taking the Bachelor of Business ... ( read original story ...)

Carbon tax will push up costs for electricity in Singapore

SINGAPORE: The carbon tax announced in Singapore’s Budget will push up costs for power generators and translate into higher electricity prices for consumers, companies and economists say. But some welcomed the move, saying it could spur the development ... ( read original story ...)